Best Gym in Guwahati

Transformers Fitness Academy has been rated the best gym in Guwahati on multiple platforms and quite rightly so. Transformers Fitness Academy provides the latest training protocols to ensure clients reach their fitness goals in the shortest possible time. With a host of carefully and scientifically designed programs Transformers Fitness Academy caters to variety of clients.

We have a specialised team led by Founder/CEO Angshuman Dutta who oversees all training programming and diet planning. Our trainers are equipped to handle clients with special needs and also help professional athletes train for their respective sports.


Bodybuilding gym in guwahati

Transformers Fitness Academy is the right choice if you are planning a foray/career in Natural Bodybuilding and Physique contests. With qualified trainers who are also professional physique competitors you can be rest assured to get the best possible training and meal plans.

Special Population

senior citizen exercise

Transformers Fitness Academy specialises in rare medical complications like SLE, MS, RA and also in lifestyle disease management like hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, senior and geriatric population, PCOD and other similar lifestyle disease managment

Functional Training

Best gym in Guwahati

With our innovative training methods including harness/suspension/TRX training, sledge, kickboxing, calisthenics, battle rope, group workouts you can get functionally fit in no time at Transformers Fitness Academy

Weight Management

fat loss

With our structured programs designed for safe and effective fat loss and weight gain, you cannot go wrong. We design programs which are sustainable over long term. Our professional team will assist you in your weight management programs


Kettlebell training

Transformers Fitness Academy is the mecca of Kettlebell training in North East India. Whether you are looking for an amazing functional tool for your workouts or you want to compete in traditional Kettlebell sport competitions we have the program for you.

We also have a dedicated Academy which produces some of the finest fitness professionals in the region. To know more about our Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer programs please go to

To know more about our CEO/Founder Angshuman Dutta please follow him at