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The Back Bencher’s Club

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Fitness Motivation

If you have always excelled in academics, sports or cultural endeavors, you may not be able to relate to the back bencher’s syndrome- the feeling of always being the one with potential but never having realized it. The ones who always got “can do better” in their report card assessments. But let’s accept it, not everyone can be the number 1. The world is full of the “others”. In fitness and sports we also have that “back benchers band”- the ones who are not naturally athletic or strong.

As a fitness trainer or coach, it is imperative to understand that all bodies are not the same. No matter how much we train we have to accept our physical limitations and genetic potential. There is no shame in that. So what if we are not meant for sports- should we give up. Never! Participating is the key. I am sure you have heard that a hundred times before, but how many of you actually believe in it.

I studied in what was widely accepted as the premier boy’s school in the state. We had a PT or physical training class every week. In that class we were asked to play; mostly it was football, sometimes cricket. Imagine one football and sixty odd students running after it. The chances of getting feet on the ball were like trying to find pieces of chicken in hostel food-difficult! No offence meant-that is not an ideal scenario. After a few classes most of the class gave up the attempt to even try and play. So, all throughout our school life a few students played while the rest sat on the benches or idled away the time. This is a reflection I believe what happens in most places. Unless we bring the whole class to the table we are not creating a sporting environment.

This is where good coaches come in. Make an atmosphere of inclusivity. It’s not enough to talk about participation for all-it is the responsibly of coaches to make that happen.

How many of you don’t set foot in the gym for fear of being embarrassed or uncomfortable-how many of you have left after joining a gym because you felt out of place? Just like we want society to be inclusive, we have to make our grounds and gyms inclusive too. Sports or exercise is not limited to a select few. It is for everyone, irrespective of age, sex or physical status. As a coach or teacher it is on us to make it happen.

The onus is also on parents and guardians to encourage physical activity amongst their children. Your child may not be naturally agile or athletic but it is important to move. We have seen how our lifestyles have made us into a sick society. India is leading the world in Diabetes and Heart Disease. Competition to excel, long working hours, irregular food and sleep habits have become the norm in the urban society. The pressure to excel in academics is so immense that we often tend to forget that there is not wealth than health. No matter how much money you earn, it can never replace your health. Physical activity including sports is a great nation builder. A strong and successful society is built by healthy and happy people. Exercise and sports play a great part in it.

Never be intimidated by the athletic ones. You may not be able to do a cartwheel or a headstand pushup; it is all right. We are all not meant to do that. But take part and there is no shame in failing. The only shame would be if you never even tried to see what your body can do. Trust me, with time it will surprise you with its capacity and prowess.

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