Why Exercise?

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Benefits of Exercise

Why Exercise? There are so many reasons not to exercise- isn’t it? Maybe it’s just plain tardiness or the fear of pain; it maybe also be an honest lack of appreciation for the benefits of exercise. Really why do it at all?

Though in recent times there has been a lot of interest generated in the immunity boosting aspect of exercise, there is still a lot of reluctance on the part of most people to get into the habit of regular exercise. And by exercise I don’t mean morning or evening walk; which is mild exercise at the most or basic essential human movement to be precise.

When we talk about exercise it means a combination of cardiovascular endurance and also strengthening of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. As per latest data and scientific evidence adults need at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular work every week and about 120 minutes of strength training per week. Here are 5 reasons to start exercising!

  1. Sarcopenia – It basically means age related loss of muscle. Muscle loss is natural part of ageing and happens to all of us. And when I am talking of muscles here it is not the show muscles or hypertrophied muscles of athletes. This is the essential muscles required for movement and other physiological processes. To reverse this process to some extent weight training is a must.
  2. Dynapenia– Similarly age-related loss of muscle strength referred to as dynapenia is another universal syndrome. Muscle strength is required for all of us to maintain the functional quality of life. In the absence of it, we will have difficulty in maintaining our day-to-day functionality and either be partially or fully dependent on others to carry about our day-to-day activities. This is not something that is neither desirable nor optimal.
  3. Hypokinetic Diseases– India is today the heart disease and diabetic capital of the world. Besides these two, we are home to a substantial population who are hypertensive, obese and suffer from osteoporosis, hormonal disorders like PCOD. While all these cannot be wholly attributed to lack of exercises alone and may have other causative factors, the fact remains that in most cases the prophylaxis and therapy for most remain a change in lifestyle which includes an addition of regular exercise.
  4. Depression/Anxiety– the modern-day world is an anxious place; anxious, fast paced and outright terrifying for most. To keep a semblance of normalcy and to keep our sanity intact we need to nurture a spiritual side. Again, just for the record, being spiritual does not mean being religious. Those two are poles apart. Coming back, one of the best therapies for depression and anxiety remains exercise. Exercise can not only help calm frayed nerves but bring about a sense of discipline and purpose in life. This aspect is true for 6- to 60-year-old today. It is very easy to get lost in the pursuit of 21st century existence. Holding on to your marbles, is the key to tide over the often brutal and exhausting times.
  5. Confidence– let us face the truth, however ugly or unsavory it might be-the 21st century world is a narcissistic one. We as a generation are more conscious about our appearance, external mainly, than no their period in human history. Partly because of advanced technology and partly because we live in relative peaceful times with disposable incomes, we spend a lot of time grooming ourselves. So, it is easy to suffer from suppressed confidence levels when we look at social media influencers and celebrities look dapper, dashing with attractive looking physiques. While it may be a product of make up and AI technology for most part, we suffer nonetheless, for a part of our brain craves for that; and it may affect us unknowingly to a great extent shattering our self esteem and confidence. So even though it may seem vain, exercise will help us a great deal to get over this when we have an ideal body composition with less body fat and optimum lean muscle.

Whatever maybe your age or condition, it is always a good time to start exercising; and no matter what the goal is, a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training is always desirable.

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Angshuman Dutta
Angshuman Dutta

Angshuman Dutta, Founder and CEO of Transformers Fitness Academy, is an acclaimed Fitness educator, coach and consultant.

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